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NEW!  Check out the Gallery for an informative collection of photos depicting the installation from start to finish of Pro Series dasher boards at Boucher Prairie Park in Romeoville, Illinois.

Lightweight, flexible and durable, these are the dasherboards that changed the industry. Approximately ½ the weight of comparable steel-frame board systems (per 8’ panel, ours weighs 150 lbs, vs. 300 lbs or more for steel). The PRO Series panels are 5 ½” overall thickness, by 8’ in length, with two anchors per 8’ panel.
Design strength: the PRO Series boards have been independently tested in by an engineering laboratory and did not fail at 2 ½ times the prescribed engineering standards. A copy of the complete test report is available upon request.
The frames, as with all our board systems, are T-5 tempered aluminum alloy extrusions, available with an anodized finish. Anodized aluminum will never rust or pit, and it’s always easy to clean, with just water and mild detergent – so your boards will always look great.
Using state-of-the-art concealed mechanical-fastening techniques (not welded), PRO Series provides a more flexible board system than old-fashioned steel boards. No exposed brackets or anchors, no collection areas for debris and dirt.
All exposed hardware (e.g., hinges, gate-latches) is available in stainless steel, for maintenance-free durability.
The puck board, top plate and kick plate are all ½” High Density Polyethylene (available in 5 Standard colors: White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Gold; other colors available upon request at an extra charge.
The PRO Series board system is the right choice for hockey and skating facilities ranging from community centers to the pro’s. Especially in arenas and rinks  where the boards are left in permanently, the PRO Series suits perfectly. These boards are great for ice hockey, inline hockey, ball hockey – any activity within the confines of a rink surface, with or without ice.
PRO SERIES Quick Specs:  


Mx Height:




5” frames – plus ½” for puck board = 5 ½” overall depth (6” frames available for special requirements)

42” or 48” as specified

Max. glass height is 6’ (for higher glass, use the Pro XL Series)

All rinks from your local arena to the Pro’s

50% lighter than steel frames; easy to remove and re-install
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Features and Construction of the PRO SERIES

ALUMINUM—A Lifetime of Durability

Our dasher board systems are crafted from tubular extrusions of T-5 tempered aluminum alloy, engineered and designed by us specifically for our dasher board systems. These extrusions are proprietary to Sport Systems Unlimited: nothing ‘off-the-shelf’ about it. Aluminum frame construction gives you the strength and durability you need for permanent installations, yet its light weight makes it ideal for ease of handling where changeovers are required.

MECHANICAL FASTENING—For Strength and Flexibility

A critical factor in the strength and flexibility of our boards systems lies in our concealed mechanically fastened joints. By mechanically fastening our frames we ensure that our boards will ‘give’ upon player or machine impact and come right back into position every time.

ANODIZED FINISH—A Great Appearance for your Facility

Our aluminum is available with an anodized finish, to resist scratching. Aluminum will never rust or oxidize, and always look superb. An “anodized” finish is harder than the surface hardness of the aluminum (almost the surface hardness of diamond). Our board systems have a clean, ‘high-tech’ appearance that constantly receives acclaim for looking noticeably well made.

Combining our anodized finish with our industry-leading concealed mechanical fastening techniques means your boards will look this great, every day...forever.


For longevity, all of our exposed hardware—latches, door handles, hinges, anchor rods—even our cast-in-place anchors are available in stainless steel.

Sport Systems hinges (and all exposed hardware) are also available in stainless steel. Every hinge is laser cut, so they never need grease, and precision crafted to ensure an exact fit in case of replacement.

Pro Series Gallery

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Boucher Prairie Park, Romeoville, IL.; Outdoor Pro Series Installation completed Spring 2011. 1 of 13: Concrete slab and apron complete, and ready for the new boards.

2 of 13: Truck loaded with dasher boards arrives from Sport Systems Unlimited factory at the site, on time.

3 of 13: Unloading the boards with care.

4 of 13: Skids with dasher panels distributed around rink slab.

5 of 13: Boards have now been positioned and bolted together as per rink layout drawing; note shimming under the boards which allows for drainage in the spring.

6 of 13: Fence post installation begins.

7 of 13: Fence post installation continues.

8 of 13: Fencing goes on.

9 of 13: Fencing is stretched tight as it's being installed.

10 of 13: Fencing is now complete.

11 of 13: Dasher board and fencing installation is now fully complete.

12 of 13: Another great dasherboard installation!

13 of 13: Our thanks to the Village of Romeoville, IL and Boucher Prairie Park.











Product Specifications: Pro Series Dasher Boards

Please contact us today for a copy of our new Product Specifications.

Here's what our customers are saying about us

"Sport Systems has a proven track record at the OHL and AHL levels, which is a huge factor for us. I have personally been involved in running 4 different hockey facilities in my career. Along with my colleagues at MLSE, we've seen every board system that's been made - and we believe that Sport Systems Unlimited is a leader in the industry."

Mike Richardson
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
Toronto ON
"We believe that Sport Systems Unlimited is a leader in the industry."

Mike Richardson
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

"We are very pleased and satisfied with the product and installation."

Paul Jackson
Cal-Con Structures Ltd.
"We have the Sport Systems boards installed in one of our latest rinks and are very pleased and satisfied with the product and installation. The one thing I emphasize to my clients: Ask all suppliers of dasher boards to meet the same design criteria and testing results that Sport Systems Unlimited provides."

Paul Jackson
Cal-Con Structures Ltd.
Stratford ON

"Sport Systems boards are gorgeous - without question, they have as good a product as there is on the market today. When we find a supplier with the right product, and great service, we stick with them. Our repeat business depends on it. With Sport Systems, there's no mistake about it.


Henk Schilthuis
Harm Schilthuis & Sons Ltd.
Ancaster (ON) Hockey rink construction specialists
"Sport Systems boards are gorgeous - without question"

Henk Schilthuis
Harm Schilthuis & Sons Ltd.

SSU Pro Series Brochure

Pro Series Brochure



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