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- WE ARE YOUR NORTH AMERICAN ARENA SERVICES SUPPLIER. From screws to puckboard; from ice dams to ice paints; from hockey goals to squeegees: we've got you covered!
- FIND OUT about exclusive products, such as Snow Plow ice rink shovels, or Clear D Zone acrylic,   glass and board cleaning systems - only from Sport Systems Unlimited! 
our Clear D Zone video demonstration below!}

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Compare Sport Systems Unlimited / Athletica to “the other guys”. 

Sport Systems has always been about player safety.  We only produce aluminum dashers, because the industry has known for years that aluminum provides a safer environment for players than unforgiving steel systems. For more than 15 years, we’ve been continually bringing innovations to the market to help improve player safety and reduce liability and risk for rink owners and operators.  We’re the only dasher board company in the world we know of that provides annual service to vertical lift gates – because we know there is a responsibility that falls on the owner and operator of the rink to ensure they always work properly and safely. So we proactively contact our Lift Gate customers every year to book thier service appointment. What do the others guys do?

Modern Technology
We use state of the art work centers, tools, equipment, practices, and techniques to build hockey boards. Did you know we’re the only company in the world building boards using robotic manufacturing?  What are the other guys doing?

The Local Touch
With locations in Waterloo Ontario and Minneapolis Minnesota, we are THE North American dasher board and arena services company. We are the only dasher board company in the world that is jointly American-Canadian owned, and the only one that has distribution facilities in two major metropolitan centers from which we can ship our customers’ orders. 

Sport Systems has 12 Installation Specialists across North America, all of whom are trained, skilled and ready to service your boards, no matter who made them, or when.  Call us now for your free comprehensive estimate on your service needs, such as refurbishing or repairing puckboard, cap rail, kicker or back plastic; replacing old ad panels; adding, repairing or replacing existing protective netting – the list is practically endless! Whatever you need, give us a call!   

We Want Your Business
At Sport Systems Unlimited / Athletica we’re determined to earn your business – so if you arent already doing so now, why not take a side-step out of your regular routine, and call us for a quote? We’d like the chance to surprise you with our prices, our friendly customer service, and our rapid delivery.

   In the USA, call Bob or Mike at 1.800.576.1132    
In Canada, call Josh or Paula at 1.877.778.5911


Clear D Zone Rink Glass Polish

Don't see what you need?  Call one of our Arena Services Specialists:

In Canada, contact Josh Robinson toll-free at 1.877.778.5911 or by email at

In USA, call Bob Vohnoutka or Mike Dean toll-free at 1.800.576.1132 or by email:

How’s your rink? Feeling a little worn out, run down, needing some TLC? We have the solution! Call us now for your free comprehensive estimate on any of these essential services:

  • Refurbishing or repairing puckboard, cap rail, kicker or back plastic
  • Replacing old ad panels
  • Gate adjustments
  • Fixing or replacing gate hardware
  • Adding, repairing or replace existing protective netting
  • Replace old worn out threshold with new
  • Add a new low-emissivity ceiling
  • Supply new glass or panel carts
  • Supply and install new players benches and timekeeper’s table

What our customers are saying about Clear D Zone ...

I've been meaning to get you this email for a little while now.
I wanted to just get you a short note letting you know about how well the efforts we spent this past August on cleaning our boards has paid off.
As I have previously mentioned during pre-season, as well as during our first handful of games, we have seen a tremendous improvement in adhesion of our dasher board advertising to the white poly facing on the boards. During previous years, especially in high wear and tear areas, we had continuous problems with decals peeling off the boards. With a handful of our boards presumably having the original 12 year old poly on them, the sheen had worn off the boards, and through all of the years of impacts, cuts, etc. there were some areas that we were constantly having to change out those decals because of that lack of adhesion. The average lifespan of a single advertisement was between 3-4 games.
With the increased performance this year, after 4 home games this year between our pre-season and regular season, I was presented an opportunity by the Kings to be one of only a handful of buildings to be a part of the "Hockey Fights Cancer" NHL promotion. This involved removing all of our dasher board decals, and replacing all of them with a special "lavender" colored board for our home game on 10/25.
Seeing how the boards had performed, I agreed that we would be able to pull this off. The possible conflict being that our short time to be able to remove all of the existing decals, and install the new decals…And then vice versa, having to remove the lavender decals, and resetting our normal board advertising in a VERY tight time frame between games, due to other events booked in the building.
In short, a job that had always previously taken us 3 people at 4 hours to remove the old boards, took us 2 people at 1 hour. The installation of the new decals, smoothing everything out so the rink looked perfect, took less than 3 hours with 4 people (compared to normally taking us far more time). Of course after a single game, the new decals came off pretty quickly, and the new ones went on just as quick. So what used to take us 5 people for a full 8 hour day (48 man hours), took us 14 total man hours with a total of 4 people.
But I wanted to take the chance and express our appreciation for making the job easier for us, in both making us more cost efficient, and allowing us to focus our labor on other items. But additionally, if it wasn't for this level of improvement of performance, then we would not have been able to participate as one of the few teams out there that was able to join the league in commemorating the "Hockey Fights Cancer" promotion, because of the time constraints. I wanted to not only pass along the thanks from myself, but my staff as well have been continuously on me to get this note out to you to let you know how much they appreciate it, and of course the L.A. Kings organization greatly appreciate it as well.

David Edford
Operations Manager
Los Angeles
"I wanted to express our appreciation"

David Edford

"The acrylic was so clean, I thought it was a new piece we had just installed!"

Brent Mater
Honda Center (Anaheim Ducks, National Hockey League)
"Carlos Ramirez has a shop near the Honda Center where he details many of the players' cars. I asked him one day if he knew of a product that would clean the acrylic or glass used in hockey arenas. He said he would look into it. Within a few weeks, and after several different formulations, he brought us the Clear D Zone system. He started cleaning the acrylic and we were blown away by what we were seeing. At one point I came out into the arena to check on his progress and when he showed me a clean sheet of acrylic, I told him I thought it was a new sheet we had just installed. It wasn't - the acrylic was so clean I thought it was a new piece!
This product does everything it is supposed to do. It is simple to use, it's not messy, it takes minimal time, and it isn't very expensive.
We actually have our in-game customer service reps telling us they get compliments from our patrons about how clean our acrylic shielding is.
I highly recommend Clear D Zone for all hockey arenas."

Brent Mater
Director of Operations
Honda Center (Anaheim Ducks, National Hockey League)
Anaheim, CA



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