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This page is included on the Athletica Sport Systems web site to provide the reader with a snapshot of where Sport Systems Unlimited was in its historic path, at the time of the merger in 2009 with Premier Rinks INc (dba Athletica). This page is intentionally not updated, and is preserved here strictly for historical purposes.

Sport Systems Unlimited
began operations in 1996, with a simple unique premise: hockey boards can be built in a better way.

Using well-grounded principles of construction that have been utilized for several decades; using structural aluminum alloy extrusions; using an advanced fastening technique and a non-deteriorating finish; building up from the concept that flexibility upon impact is what makes dasher boards safer; drawing on the expertise of professional engineers to confirm and prove and physically test our product design, we brought dasher boards into the 21st century, like no other company in the world.

For 13 years, Sport Systems Unlimited has been designing, manufacturing and installing some of the world's best dasher board systems for ice + inline hockey, indoor soccer, and other sports and recreational activities.

Our Pro Series hockey boards (including the Pro XL and Pro XL Seamless) are built with frames constructed from 5" tubular extruded aluminum.  Our Infinity and Seamless Infinity systems use a 3" frame and feature virtually limitless possibilities for indoor sports applications, such as soccer pitches, lacrosse fields, or multi-activity courts. The Inline Series and Inline XL Series provide a lighter-duty option for indoor and outdoor non-ice rink applications, using a 3" deep frame. 

All our dasher board frames are constructed from T5 tempered aluminum extrusions; all our frames are mechanically-fastened (not welded) for an unbeatable combination of strength, durability and flex upon significant impact; and all our frames have a clear anodized finish for a clean architectural appearance that won't deteriorate over time.

Now, after more than 400 board systems sold, it's clear that the market has spoken and the verdict is in. Back in 1996, we were right: Dasher boards can be built in a better way, and they are being built in a better way, by Sport Systems Unlimited. 



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